Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last Chance!!

Hey All.

I've not been around much today or yesterday, as I'm home sick with the flu. I feel pretty much wretched. But I wanted to stop in and say a word of thanks to everyone who helped me fulfill my goal of 50 followers! I'm up to 53 now. But, the contest doesn't end until 12:00 central time. So, four more hours!

Here's a link to the contest rules.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!


  1. Hope you get well soon!! Rest well!

  2. Bunny B.

    Thanks dear. I'm feeling a bit better after like, four hours of movie watching. I can't seem to read when I'm sick, which sucks, cause it's a great amount of down time...

  3. glad to hear the contest went well. hope you're feeling a bit better today. muah!

  4. ohhh i hope you get better! i had the flu last week and it SUCKS! lol


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