Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekly Geeks

I found this on one of my blog roll blogs The Bookworm
and just had to join in the fun. So here goes!
Anyone is free to figure out what authors I posted.

1. Photos of your favorite author(s).

2. Photo(s) of the author(s) of the book(s) you’re currently reading.

3. Photo(s) of any author(s) you’ve met in person (even very briefly).
4. A youtube of (an) author(s) you’ve heard speak.
5. Any photo(s) you may have of yourself with an author.
Sadly, none
6. A photo of the author of the book you’ve most recently finished.

7. Photos of the hottest author(s)!
I can't think of any authors I find attractive. Tis sad....


  1. Is that another Gaiman? another Stephanie Meyer photo?

  2. Yes, that would be Gaiman and yes another Meyer. I noticed a few of them myself LOL

  3. Neil Gaiman (he's on my list too); Stephenie Meyer and the last one is Chelsea Handler. :)

  4. Hi, I see Neil Gaiman...hes wonderful.
    I think thats Stephenie Meyers too.

  5. I recognize Gaiman and Meyers and Homes is on my favorites list. The first picture looks so familiar but I'm stumped.

  6. Neil's on my WG post too! So is Stephenie Meyer. And since you've just read Chelsea Handler's book (the previous post) then that's Chelsea Handler! Hahaha!

  7. The first one is Jen Holling. She's my absolute favorite romance author. She rocks at historical and paranormal (in the same book). Her latest trilogy starts with My Immortal Protector

  8. Why, that is Chelsea Handler! Great deductive skills LOL!!


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