Friday, August 29, 2008

Thanks For Nothing, Nick Maxwell by Debbie Carbin

Thanks For Nothing, Nick Maxwell by Debbie Carbin
Pages: 479
Back of Book Description:

Rachel Covington is twenty-five, sexy, single, and smug. her life is a glorious whirl of looking fabulous and toying with gorgeous men. So it's obvious to everyone that she and the hottest guy in her office, Nick maxwell, are destined to hook up--but what happens after that is a little less obvious.

First, Nick stops calling her--her, Rachel!--and then she discovers that there's something even worse than being dumped: It's being dumped and pregnant. Suddenly, she's faced with a choice she never expected--does she keep the baby and start thinking about someone besides herself, or try to go back to the way things were?

My Rating: (Did not finish) D

My Review:

I wanted desperately to love this book. I loved the idea of a snobby, beautiful girl having to come down to earth and think of someone else and watching the transition of it all. But at almost 500 pages, I couldn't bear to continue on.

The author jobs from a normal first person point of view to writing as if the reader is watching it all from above or on a t.v. screen, there fore leaving out sometimes important descriptions. It's written as if we're seeing it all.

At first I thought the character of Rachel was mildly self centered. Twenty pages later I found she was outrageously self centered, so self centered I often wanted to put the book down so that I was no longer associated with such a creature.

To be honest, had a better book not been staring me in the face, begging me to read it, I would have pushed forward. As it is, I only made it 90 pages in.


  1. What a shame you decided to review a book you hadn't even read.

  2. I didn't review the whole book. I reviewed the parts of the book that I read.


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