Friday, July 25, 2008

Broken Vows, Mended Hearts

Broken Vows Mended Hearts (Anthology)
A Bouquet of Thistles by Lyn Stone
Paying The Piper by Gail Ranstrom
Battle-Torn Bride by Anne O'Brien

Number of Pages: 299
ISBN: 0-373-29403-4
Back of Book Description:

A Bouquet of Thistles by Lyn Stone
Since they were betrothed as children, John, Lord Greycourt and Alys of Camoy have not set eyes on one another. Alys is overjoyed when John returns home--until she realizes that he has no intention of marriage. This is one battle that she cannot let her warrior win!

Paying the Piper by Gail Ranstrom
Miss Chloe Faraday has been engaged to Captain Sir Anthony Chandler for years, yet she doesn't even know what he looks like. She can't quite recall the dashing officer who proposed to her in a letter. Now the war is over, he expects to claim his bride. But Chloe has a mind of her own, and will not be compelled into marriage.

Battle-Torn Bride by Anne O'Brien
Forbidden to marry the man of her choice, Lady Beatrice Somerton was forcibly wed to another. Now her husband has met his death on the field of battle--perhaps by the hand of her first and only love. Should she still want such a man?

My Rating: B

This is my first time reading an anthology and it was a pleasant expierience. Though the first two stories surpassed the third by far.
Lyn Stones writing was wonderful. I loved the idea of a hero trying to get some fight from his lady for once, instead of getting too much fight. A wonderful read!

Paying the Piper was interesting and I thought much more creative and original than most. It was set ahead in time from what I normally read, but I loved it nonetheless. I thought that when the hero finds out how the heroin is treated at home he was very, well heroic, but then, he feel a little short. But, still, a great read!

Anne O'Brien's story was hard to follow for me. The idea of it interesting, but there were many flashbacks and...forths, that made it a bit confusing. If I find her in another anthology I'll still read it and give her another go, but I doubt I'll be picking up any of her novels any time soon.

Overall this was a great anthology and a wonderful quick read!

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